Executive Members

Sondos Al Sad

A family physician involved in several Islamic and Academic institutions for over 2 decades. Head of NICC Education Department since 2018 . I am currently a Clinical Assistant Professor at The Ohio State University Family Medicine Department. My personal mission is to have the best meeting with my Creator through wisdom seeking and promoting human development.

Ayesha Abdul

Mother of 3, homemaker and a volunteer of the education department of NICC for 2 years Alhamdullilah. Currently the director of ESL, on a path to please Allah (swt) always by being a part of empowering the sisters of our community in acquiring the knowledge of a new language and becoming more independent.

Noor Alhashim

Clinical Research Assistant in the OBGYN Department at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. I joined the NICC community in 2014 and began volunteering at various programs and events. I have served with NSC from 2015-2019 as a volunteer and an Arabic teacher. As of 2019, I have been an admin and vice head of the Education Department and Director of the Health Literacy program.

Abdulrahim Atassi

I’ve lived in Columbus and have been a member of the Noor community since 2012. I’m a practicing structural engineer. I’ve been a member of the NICC expansion committee since 2015. I have also completed the facilitator training for Yaqeen Institute’s Conviction Circles program

Abeer Alkasabi

Masters in Communications & Media Management, and currently perusing a doctorate degree in Management. Interested in Business Literacy, Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), and Strategy.

Nazek Hapasha

Masters in Public Administration. Currently an NICC Board member and member of Governence committee and Former Noor Kids Club Head.

Hafeez Mohammed

I am currently working as a structural bridge engineer in Columbus,Ohio. I have been volunteering at Masjid Noor for the past 3 years, currently serving as a Vice Ameer and finance head for Qabeelat Mujaddad (AlMaghrib branch in Columbus).
In my free time I love capturing pictures and recording Islamic videos.

Nowwar Mustafa

Interventional Cardiologist (Heart Doctor), Father, Member of Health Literacy Team,
and Education Department board. Previously a member of Muslim Professionals of Delaware State outreach program to public libraries. Bilingual in Arabic and English. Invested in Reflection upon Islamic

Farhina Mustafa Salman

Sr. IT analyst at The Wendys Company. Part of NICC community since 2005, volunteer since 2008 in various programs and events at the center. A dedicated member of the Education Department since 2018 and an admin since 2019.

Program Heads

Abdulrahim Atassi | Conviction Circles
Noor Alhashim | Health Literacy
Abeer Alkasbbi | Business Literacy
Laila Abubaker | Library Friends
Ola Al Kafri | Arabic Book Club
Ayesha Abdul | English Second Language
Farhina Mustafa Salman | IT Literacy
Mohamed Afzal | Community Research and Mentorship
Ajmal Shamim | Arabic Second Language
Mariyama Diallo | Parent Support Group
Nazek Hapasha | Civic Engagement