English Second Language

What is the program about?

ESL program provides non English speakers of the community an opportunity to learn the language of this country and become independent to mingle with the society with self confidence.

What is the duration of the complete course?

Depends on each individual until they are confident enough to complete all the levels.

Where does this program take place?

NICC classrooms

How can I register for the program?

Walk in any Sunday between 2-4

What is the time and duration of the program per class?

Every Sunday between 2 -4 pm except for major holidays.

Who can register?

Adults only.


Sisters only

Can I join in now or do I need to wait for the new schedule/session to begin?

Join anytime.

who do I reach out to if I have questions?

Sr.Ayesha ESL@noorohio.org

Can I register online through Mohid?


Is there a program Fee?

The program is free with free child care provided expect we charge $10 for the workbooks we provide.