Library Friends

What is the program about?

Library Friends Initiative has been created to promote reading, literature wealth, provide educational, recreational, religious, and cultural awareness, and services to all residents of the community.

  • The NICC library has a wide array of books available in Arabic, English, and Urdu that should be kept in the library as they are classified as Waqf. 
  • We strive to create and maintain a comprehensive collection of materials which empower the needs of the people in the Muslim community.
  • Exchange religiously reviewed books with public libraries for cultural and religious awareness of Islamic Values.
  • To stimulate children’s interests and appreciation in reading and learning through Storytelling and book reading activities.
  • Invite authors to promote their books and reading while engaging childrens’ curiosity and love for reading. 
  • The library also offers ample quiet space for studying, tutoring, and meetings for both children and adults.

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How do I get involved or volunteer for NICC Library Friends Initiative?

  • Message Us on Facebook Or
  • Email : Or
  • Submit a volunteer form and specify in areas of interest : Library Friends Initiative

Where does this program take place?

NICC Library

who do I reach out to if I have questions?

Sr.Laila Abubaker